National Healthcare Group (NHG) - Leans Healthcare 2007 Conference, 10th - 12th October 2007

Topic : A Framework of Performance Measurement towards Lean Thinking in Healthcare

Introduction by Master of Ceremony

Icebreaker & Warming the Crowds

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Highlight Key Features

Listening to Participants' Questions

Closing the Presentation

Token of Appreciation from MC

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" Danny is a highly effective speaker. He relates his daily encounters and habits as examples to stimulate the audience. Very open and generous in wanting to impart his knowledge to anyone who’s keen to want to do better in LEAN. Definitely worth the time to attend his talk.”
Betty Chan, Senior Executive, National University Hospital

“ I attended Danny Ker’s talk at the 2007 NHG Lean Conference. It was very entertaining and enlightening. Within minutes of his presentation, he had converted me from a skeptic into a true believer in lean thinking both in theory and in practical application. It challenged me to embark on lean management for my company. ”
Goh Mia Siang, P. Engineer, Senior Manager, Support Operations, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

“ Danny Ker is a captivating speaker and engages the audience very well. He is obviously well versed with the concepts of lean thinking and has many personal anecdotes to draw. He is a true believer of using it as a matrix for performance management and has inspired many in the audience that it is something that is doable ”

Gormit Kaur, Registered Nurse, Tertiary Restructured Hospital


e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) - Productivity and Technology Seminar, 10th June 2011

Introduction by Master of Ceremony

Opening Introduction

Objective of Topics

Presentation in Progress


“ Dr Ker redefined the context of how we approach productivity with his ingenuity and creativity. His talk was captivating, filled with good case examples that were made out such it was easy to follow through. Walking the top as a leader in quality management skills and a leader himself, he is convincing and passionate about the topic matter. He showed commitment to motivate and illustrate the basic concepts and it left me with a better understanding of why TUV-SUD is able to attract the best talents around, but more importantly it was a productive time for myself and the rest of the attentive audience at the seminar. Within a short span of 25 minutes we had the equivalent of an hour’s worth of wisdom and useful suggestive tools to take home. Thank you! ”

Dro Tan Guan Liang, Executive Director, Matex International Limited


SOXAL (Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Ptd Ltd) - Quality Week Seminar, 30th May 2013, Singapore

Introduction by Master of Ceremony

Welcome Address & Introduction

Warming Up The Crowd

Address Key Points & Reflection

Appreciation by MD, Mr. Kazuyuki Sakata

Presentation in Progress


“We wish to thank you for your informative presentation on Leadership in Quality Management & ISO 9001 Awareness at SOXAL today. From the feedback we have received, this presentation was a great success.”
May Lim, Quality System & Documentation Engineer, Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Private Limited. (SOXAL).

(1) "Inspiring speaker and explaining the quality concept and importance in a simple and understandable format."
(2) "Very interesting seminar and the trainer is humerous. To have similar seminar extended to supervisors level.”
(3) "More talks to the ground level staff to get them understand & appreciate the importance of quality in their works."
(4) "Lively and good exchange of views."
(5) "Lively presentation with relevant examples."
Feedback from Management Level Staff of Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Private Limited. (SOXAL).

What They Say

quote  "TWe appreciate greatly your extra work and time (sometimes pass midnight) especially in the difficult task of training our lower staff and making them realized the importance and effectiveness of this Quality Management System which will facilitate our future growth and development………"

by: Mr. Koh Joo Ann, Managing Director, Kuala Enok, P.T. Pulau Sambu (Jakarta).


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