Dr. Danny Ker's belief;

The art and science of a qualified Business Excellence Trainer & Consultant lies in their competency level to create an impactful results for their customers (be it to a company or to an individual).

Customers have now realised that by theoretical education alone are insufficient and inadequate for their effective implementation back at their workplace.

Practical implementation with 'hands-on' approach provided by trainer or consultant in a systematic manner is one of the most reliable method where an individual can apply effectively back at their workplace to see positive results.

Theoretical education and practical implementation are both important elements and therefore, it is one of the key fundamental approach in any quality initiatives for customers.

Customers are keen on training and consultancy initiatives that are relevant and vital to their business processes and theoretical lessons learned can be easily understood, thereafter can be applied practically, simply and effectively at their workplace, this is the real challenge for most trainer & consultant to achieve customer satisfaction for long term business survival.


Consultant Tips picture

1) Provide an unique consultancy approach that can stimulate meaningful success for your customers.

2) Always provide customer satisfaction be it a difficult tasks or an easy tasks.

3. Never ever go "round the bush" in your approach, go straight to the point to transfer your knowledge into actions plan.

4) Always provide "hand-on" guidance when customers are in doubt and test their knowledge for effective implementation.

5) Provide a summary gap analysis with further improvement plan can ensure your completeness of your consultancy deliveries.


Trainer Tips picture

1) Provide training with realistic and expressive valid points that motivate the learners to practice in real-life situation.

2) Be very clear and precise communication to make sure the "what", "why" and "how to" are really understood to stimulate their actions.

3. Evaluate and re-evaluate their learning actions with positive recommendation for improvement can enhance their interest to improve.

4) Make the learners to confirm their knowledge on what was taught can ensure effectiveness in your delivery methodology and lasting knowledge retention.

5) Seek an open channel with the learners to know their obstacles and work towards an improvement plan that can connect to their learning objectives.


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Using Tony Buzan Mind Map techniques to develop Danny Ker's Book Mark

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What They Say

quote " Danny is a highly effective speaker. He relates his daily encounters and habits as examples to stimulate the audience. Very open and generous in wanting to impart his knowledge to anyone who’s keen to want to do better in LEAN. Definitely worth the time to attend his talk.”

- Betty Chan, Senior Executive, National University Hospital


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